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Dishoom Permit Room Old Fashionned - 200ml, serves 2

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A bottle-aged muddle of Woodford Reserve bourbon, bay leaf reduction and green tea. Like an old club room, with tertiary colours and artistic composition. 

TO SERVE: Enjoy at room temperature, neat or on the rocks; if the latter use plenty of ice for a slow dilution. Garnish with a bay leaf and a black olive. 

STORAGE: Can be stored at room temperature, ideally in a cool dark place

INGREDIENTS: Woodford Reserve bourbon aged with a rich reduction of brown sugar, bay leaf and green tea. Finished with angostura orange bitters.

RECYCLING: the glass bottle is recyclable and the whole bottle can be returned to a Dishoom café and guests will be rewarded for their thoughtfulness.

ALLERGENS: we do not guarantee any products allergen free due to cross-contamination risk.