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Dishoom Sonia's Negroni - 200ml, serves 2

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 A recreation of the famous Italian drink with a nod to the Italian born, Indian politician. Dry citrus gin and bitter campari are sweetened by Dishoom Chai vermouth (macerated with cinnamon, fresh cut ginger, chives and vanilla) giving a more relaxed edge to the traditional robust negroni. 

TO SERVE: Pour over ice into a frozen rocks glass, with a twist of orange peel. The first strong taste will be mellowed by the melting ice. 

STORAGE: Can be stored at room temperature, ideally in a cool dark place

INGREDIENTS: Gin, Campari and Dishoom chai-spiced vermouth (infused with cinnamon, cloves, ginger, vanilla)

RECYCLING: the glass bottle is recyclable and the whole bottle can be returned to a Dishoom café and guests will be rewarded for their thoughtfulness.

ALLERGENS: we do not guarantee any products allergen free due to cross-contamination risk.